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About Us


Sustainable Healthy Communities Association (SHCA) is a registered non-profit society promoting holistic health and wellness in lower mainland and beyond. We serve to inspire stronger individuals and healthier communities with our mission I-M-Possible.

Our Mission I-M-Possible

“SHCA empowers to build healthier lives. We deliver value to community through information and service.”


✓ Help prevent and heal psychosomatic diseases – 98% of all illnesses.

Sustain 3D holistic health

✓ A strong Mind that builds
✓ A healthy Body and radiates
✓ Harmony in Relationships

Take Charge

✓ Choose to lead from within; value-based choices
✓ Change attitude over relationships and work; personal responsibility
✓ Become emotionally stable and resilient; contribute constructively

Proven cause of majority of dis-eases, relationship conflicts, and problems in life

“It is the Emotional Stress caused by Negative Thinking Habits.”
With the right nutrition of knowledge and mindful exercise, SHCA contributes to reducing some of the Preventable Risk Factors of Chronic Dis-ease in the mind and body.

Learn More. Glimpse the Powerful Influence of the Mind on our Health! “The No-cebo Effect” – Dr. Lipton.
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Our Programs

How do we do it? – Information delivery, Meditation sessions, Support services

Learning Lab – Interactive Learning Sessions

Learning without limits – interactive learning sessions

Meditation – Recharging our Battery

On-demand sessions

Building Muscle – Mind Drills

Mindful Kitchen & Nutrition

Developing Strong Body & Mind

REGISTER now – all programs are offered FREE of cost. Voluntary Donations are greatly appreciated!

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